iisnode [architect]

iisnode iisnode is a native IIS module that allows hosting of node.js applications in IIS on Windows. https://github.com/tjanczuk/iisnode/wiki benefits Process management. The iisnode module takes care of lifetime management of node.exe processes making it simple to improve overall reliability. You … Continued

The power of platforms [team]

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http://dupress.com/articles/platform-strategy-new-level-business-trends/?id=us:2ps:3gl:bus_ecosys:awa:dup:050115&gclid=CJ_uk5-es8YCFeHLtAodaOIIgQ In one sense, platforms are nothing new. If we define them as layers of infrastructure that impose standards on a system in which many separate entities can operate for their own gains, then clearly any nation’s railway system, once … Continued

Krakenjs [team]

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The kraken suite Kraken is a secure and scalable layer that extends express by providing structure and convention. Though kraken is the main pillar of our framework, the following modules can also be used independently: http://krakenjs.com/

Turn Machine Data Into Insights [architect]

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http://www.splunk.com/en_us/resources/operational-intelligence.html Machine-generated data is one of the fastest growing and complex areas of big data. It’s also one of the most valuable, containing a definitive record of all user transactions, customer behavior, machine behavior, security threats, fraudulent activity and more. … Continued

UI Model approach [architect]

https://github.com/evoluteur/evolutility Evolutility provides a set of generic Backbone Views to browse, edit, filter, export and chart Backbone models and collections of different structures. With it you configure views with metadata instead of hand-coding templates, Javascript and CSS. It’s the approach … Continued

OpenStack and Helion in house [architect]

http://www8.hp.com/us/en/cloud/cloudsystem.html The cloud promises many things: increased productivity, enhanced responsiveness, and the ability to distribute your resources to gain maximum value from your infrastructure investments. These are big promises with great potential, but concerns about the expense of abandoning existing … Continued

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