Scrum Fundamentals Revisited

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Scrum depends on the empirical process of inspection, transparency and adaptation.  The basic roles that exist in scrum are listed below and briefly described. Based on the webcast present by a few comments are worth making regarding our own process. … Continued

Writing Effective User Stories

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Guidelines Stories should adhere to the following guidelines. Independent Dependencies between stories lead to prioritisation and planning problems. Split one story into many or combine more stories into one. Higher priority stories should never have lower priority dependencies. Negotiable Add … Continued

JavaScript: Date Formatter Library

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Formatting a date into ISO standard in JavaScript can be a big hassle. I found this library to assist in formatting dates quickly. Usage: Use the format(‘isoDate’) function to format the date to ISO standard var date = new Date(); … Continued

Scrum Coaching

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This article is a summary of a coaching talk given by Simon Reindel. My aim was to summarise, in a few brief points, how a scrum master can implement some techniques towards coaching the scrum team. There are four phases of … Continued

Where is that server and db?

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Recently we started working in AngularJS. It is widely praised for being one of the best frameworks for complex client side applications. We started using it because we needed forms to be dynamic. Additional data need to be added to … Continued

Technical Debt – Introduction

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What can we do about it? Challenges we create Technical debt Technical debt (also known as design debt or code debt) is a neologistic metaphor referring to the eventual consequences of poor or evolving software architecture and software development … Continued

CodeIgniter: HMVC custom form validation solution

HMVC (wiredesignz) withCodeIgnitor has an issue with form validation.   Usage: Include $this as a parameter in the $this->form_validation->run() function call: if ($this->form_validation->run($this)) { //your code… } Function: To resolve this problem, create MY_Form_validation.php file inside the application/libraries folder: <?php if (!defined(‘BASEPATH’)) exit(‘No direct script access allowed’); class … Continued

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