Creating a Symfony2 Bundle

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So for this exercise we are using LTS version of Symfony2, namely 2.3.* (it was 2.3.11 when this was written). Point is just, we need some version of 2.3 ­čÖé In order to create a bundle with Sumfony2, we first … Continued

TCP/IP Stack Explained

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TCP/IP Network model in context of the OSI model   Application Layer A TCP/IP application is any network process that occurs above the Transport Layer. This includes all of the processes that users directly interact with as well as other … Continued

The future of PHP is “Hack”

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This past week marked a major point in the evolution of PHP and its ecosystem. Facebook released their version of PHP,┬áHack, based on the work they’ve been doing with the HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) and compiler. Hack is a programming … Continued

Dynamic Fields within AngularJS

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We have the issue on various projects that some of the sections require dynamic fields that the user can add as required. ┬áHere is our solution for AngularJS In your controller, create an object of dynamic field, with correct data … Continued

Execute command line functions in PHP

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Execute command line functions in PHP is really helpful. exec(‘here you put what you would have typed on the command line’) chdir(‘here you put what you would have typed on the command line’) Below is an example of: changing directories … Continued

Pdf Manipulation

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I’m always looking for a nice tool to manipulate pdfs. Found pdftk which can be used in Ubuntu.