“Domain Driven Design” or DDD Analysis and Architecture Implementation

Lets start with implementation and work back to analysis: An article describing the reasoning is here: Domain-Driven-Design-part-3 and another here: MSDN. A User Group . Some Design Principles. The official DDD site. Earlier article on the topic: http://know.iteonline.co.za/?p=78 This kind of architecture implementation is not … Continued

Persisting dynamic form objects

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In the previous post we looked at the data structure of an example form created with angularjs-form-builder. It includes the meta-data required to specify the form construction. The next step is to persist or store the entire form, with its … Continued

Dynamic forms with angularjs-form-builder

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The hackathon was focussed on finding a common approach to enable Product Owners to define Entity Attributes in a new Domain Model. We started out playing with angularjs-form-builder and see value in its approach. An example form is here — http://selmanh.github.io/angularjs-form-builder/#/forms/1/view Click on … Continued

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