Code reuse requirements – call for proposals

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In every project we create we have recurring requirements.

Some of these requirements are met by the standards we have chosen, e.g.

  • UI-Bootstrap gives us a foundation library of reusable controls for UI
  • Symfony, Silex, CodeIgniter and AngularJS give us infrastructure, utilities and framework code
  • Utilities like PHPUnit, SimpleTest, Karma PHPCodeSniffer and JSCodeSniffer provide services to aid in quality and maintainability
  • Code generation help to quickly scaffold templates and boilerplate code

Yet there are certain features which have a great amount of detail which also repeat in our projects.

We have identified the following features as reusable code targets:

  1. API-CRUD – Create Read Update and Delete for data management
  2. UI-CRUD – Create Read Update and Delete for data management
  3. Angular CRUD Grid
  4. Dynamic Forms
  5. Dashboard with Graphing and Summary components
  6. User management
  7. Role management
  8. Action management
  9. UI elements specific to our kind of interface designs []
  10. PHP MSSQL/MySQL lib to work in our backend framework

Suggestion links:




AV: 1. API-CRUD  2. UI-CRUD  9. ITE-UI  10. Doctrine2


We are inviting your input to suggest how we will achieve creating these features as reusable components so that future projects can include them with as little effort as possible.

Please write your proposal as a POST and link it to this document.

If you want to add to the list of reusable code targets, feel free to edit this post.

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