Windows server 2008, IIS 7 & PHP 5.5.11 setup

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With a fresh 2008 server setup, start of by changing Internet Explorer security level settings:

– Viewing Server Manager (Start > Server Manager)

– Under the Security Information section and click Configure IE ESC. (right bottom)

–┬áDecide for whom you want IE ESC enabled or disabled and click OK.

Next download GIT so that we can pull our setup and app repos from bitbucket.

– Pull the repo for the DBIS software setups

Install PHP:

– Changes to php.ini (4 changes)

– Add PHP handler mapping in IIS manager

– Download latest┬áVisual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 (32 bit)

– Test PHP with a phpinfo file (ENABLE: curl, exif & mbstring, gd, gettext, gmp, odbc, pdo_odbc, php_xmlrpc)


Install DBIS:

– Pull the latest QA or Development Branch, run the setup script. (http://SERVER_NAME/APP_NAME/index.php/setup)



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