The Product Owner and Modelling [coach]

I love the Agile practices that work well for us.

User stories that describe what the performer of work would ideally experience are becoming our standard way to communicate about the systems we build.

But I miss something. Something the Product Owner and the client definitely talk about, but we don’t see communicated in the User Stories.

Its the Business Model described in a Ubiquitous Language that both the Team and the Customer share.


I guess we lost it when we started using User Stories to describe the project at hand. Around the same time we also declared the Team (self organising) and made it responsible for Design.


We have to get the Product Owner involved in telling the Business Story in the Ubiquitous Language he uses with the customer everyday and we have to get the Team and the Product Owner visualising, describing and discussing the Business model. But why?


Because we want to model the core application around the business model.


The team needs processes and entities descriptions in such a model conversation and it all needs to be documented.

We used to do this modelling on a whiteboard. Block diagrams and arrows with descriptions…


The design engineers are no longer part of the Team. Can we get them back please?

If we can do Test Driven Development (TDD) on Core Features modelled on business processes and entities then the Unit Test strategy will be taken care of.

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