Why AngularJS

AngularJS is a new JavaScript toolkit, so it make sense to ask why use it?

If you ask any front-end developer who’s drunk the Angular flavored Kool-Aid, including the author, what’s so great about it, they might tell you:

“I can manage my presentation behavior declaratively, directly in my HTML instead of imperatively in a second ‘tree’ full of jQuery bindings.”

“I can use AngularJS just for parts of my page inside my app run in another framework.”

“Because AngularJS encourages functional programming and dependency injection, test driven development takes almost no extra time, and my tests have a higher degree of validity and reliability.”

“I can create custom HTML elements and attributes with behavior that I define.”

“Any developer who wants to include my custom AngularJS plugin in their page can do so with one markup tag instead of a big JavaScript configuration object.”

“I can drastically reduce the size of my code base.”

“It encourages good programming habits among junior developers.”

“No more hard global, application, and DOM dependencies inhibiting my testing and breaking my code”

“I can get from REST data to visual presentation much faster than the jQuery way.”

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