CleverStack quick start guide (Windows)

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Getting started with CleverStack



cleverstack-cli depends on NPM, GruntJS and Bower.

$npm install bower -g

$npm install grunt-cli -g

*Note: In windows, these commands are best executed in a cygwin terminal interface such as git bash

1. Install NodeJS

2. Do a global install of clever-stack:

$ npm install cleverstack-cli -g

3. Create a new project:

$ clever init YOURAPPNAME

Making the register/login work:

$ clever install clever-auth

Follow the cli prompts and set database information etc. (We used MySQL DB and REDIS)

The installation will automatically install clever-orm module as well

If the installation fails in some try running the install command again

Once the installation completed you should be able to register a user, view the user list, logout and login.

Adding a new Module

1. (for initial setup create a directives and services module as well)


2. In new module’s module.js, change the route to the module name:


3. Add this new module to the main.js in your module’s folder root:



4. Add your new module to modules/application (Inject this module into the following files)

4.1 config.js

4.2 main.js

4.3 modules.js

Repeat steps 1-4 for each new module.

Running your CleverStack application

1. Install JDK 6


$ clever server

E2E testing

1. Global install protractor:

$ npm install -g protractor


$ webdriver-manager update

3. Edit the test-e2e.conf.js file

3.1 Comment out

3.1.1 seleniumServerJar [line 18]

3.1.2 seleniumPort [line 21]

3.1.2 chromeDriver [line 28]

3.2 Uncomment

3.2.1 seleniumAddress [line 23]

4. Add your domain code to the tests-e2e.conf.js specs array [line 42]


5. Frontend changes

in ‘frontend/app/modules/cs_common/cs_http_options_provider.js’

set domain to API path and port [line 60]

in ‘frontend/app/modules/cs_account/scripts/cs_accounts_service.js’

set correct get path (eg. /user/getusers) [line 12]

set correct post path (eg. /user/postuser) [line 18]

6. Run tests by using 2 terminals

Terminal 1:

$ webdriver-manager start

Terminal 2:

$ cd to project folder

$ clever test e2e

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