MS SQL – Database & Login creation

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Follow these easy steps after opening your SQL Management Studio application to create a login user mapped to a spesific database, and create this database as well:

Login Creation:

Step 1: Under Security -> Logins, right click and click on New Login…

Step 2: Enter Login name

Step 3: Select SQL server authentication and enter Password(s)

Step 4: Deselect the following in order:

  • User must change password at next login
  • Enforce password expiration
  • Enforce password polity

Step 5: Click OK

User is now created successfully…


Database Creation:

Step 1: Under Databases, right click and click on New Database…

Step 2: Enter Database name

Step 3: Select owner by clicking on  next to owner input box

Step 4: In new window, click on Browse and locate newly created user login, select user and click on OK

Step 5: Click OK

Database is now created successfully…

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