Topics for “The ITE Way” [team]

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Introduction Motivation for Stack choice Test Driven Development Design imperatives. (Testability, Seperation, Domain Driven Design) The Server Environment Node.js, the toolset JavaScript, the language Routes, via Express REST + HTTP JavaScript, Functions/Closures Data Structures (JSON, ie: objects/hash maps/trees) OOP (very … Continued

Code Review – links

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Elrich suggested a peer review technology combined with version control and release build systems. I undertook to write a list of criteria for evaluating such systems. Here are some links I found useful to form a concept of code peer … Continued

Research in Strategic Areas

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Strategic Areas: Intellectual Property Strategy and Management (FF) DevOps Collaboration (EF) Development Best Practice (AV)   Intellectual Property Strategy: Mature Codebase Modular Code Base Contribution to Open Source Projects Peer review Pair Programming Documentation   DevOps Collaboration: Automated Build Automated … Continued

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