Angular2 built with AtScript [team]

posted in: JavaScript, Standards | 0 Goal   JavaScript, the de facto language of the browser, has a large, thriving community. However, it is missing some features which would make it much more manageable for large-scale application development. The goal of AtScript is to enhance … Continued

Industry Heavy Hitters Establish Node.js Foundation with Joyent [standards] Industry heavy hitters IBM, Paypal, Microsoft and The Linux Foundation have joined with Node.js stewards Joyent to set up the Node.js Foundation. The independent foundation is intended to oversee the production and development of Node.js. The announcement follows the release of … Continued

Topics for “The ITE Way” [team]

posted in: Standards, Strategy | 0

Introduction Motivation for Stack choice Test Driven Development Design imperatives. (Testability, Seperation, Domain Driven Design) The Server Environment Node.js, the toolset JavaScript, the language Routes, via Express REST + HTTP JavaScript, Functions/Closures Data Structures (JSON, ie: objects/hash maps/trees) OOP (very … Continued

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