Software Product Quality [coach]

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The quality of a product is not a simple concept. Quality is interpreted individually.   I suggest a simple analysis for the sake of an argument. Software product quality is dependent on the quality of: our ideas the technology the … Continued

A Model [coach]

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Summarising models Models should contain the following: Properties that we get from the API Properties that we need in order to track client state (selected, etc.) Mechanisms for validating their own data integrity Methods we can call to update or … Continued

Not Invented Here Syndrome [coach]

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Is dit moontlik dat ek met geen JS kennis en geen AngularJS kennis n beter implementeering kan skryf vir D3 en AngularJS as ander gebruikers/developers van die twee produkte wat n paar jaar ondervinding het? As ek se: “Ek gaan … Continued

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