NodeJS: Markdown to PDF [team]

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I saw the great work of Minko Gechev on AngularJS Patterns and noticed his beautiful ebook rendered with NodeJS and markdown-pdf. But it did not work with a stylesheet on my dev system. So I fixed it and made it … Continued

Node Modules the Canonical way [team]

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The module // solution_filter.js var fs = require(‘fs’) var path = require(‘path’) module.exports = function (dir, filterStr, callback) { fs.readdir(dir, function (err, list) { if (err) return callback(err) list = list.filter(function (file) { return path.extname(file) === ‘.’ + filterStr }) … Continued

Component versioning

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How does versioning work for components? Component libraries have some “special needs” when it comes to versioning. A proper system of versioning is essential for dependency management, both the dependencies your library depends on, as well as who depends on … Continued

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