SQL: Find duplicates

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Description To find duplicate entries in your database Example SELECT a.firstname, a.lastname, a.address FROM list a INNER JOIN list b ON a.address = b.address WHERE a.id b.id

JSON in MySQL [team]

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JSON Labs Release: Native JSON Data Type and Binary Format JSON Labs Release: JSON Functions, Part 2 — Querying JSON Data The MySQL 5.7.7 JSON Lab release introduces a native JSON datatype. See Knut Anders Hatlen’s blog post for more … Continued

Loopback – Sync local and remote data [team]

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http://strongloop.com/strongblog/node-js-api-offline-sync-replication/  https://github.com/strongloop/loopback-example-full-stack Introducing Loopback LoopBack  is an open source Node.js API framework from StrongLoop that provides out of box offline synchronization using isomorphic JavaScript. For data replication it uses model-based data persistence. This functionality is available for client side Angularjs and … Continued

Querying MySQL with Node.js [team]

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/** * Created by Andre on 2015/01/08. * Use this approach to add Setup and Teardown to FrisbyJS */ var mysql = require(‘mysql’); var connection = mysql.createConnection( { host : ‘localhost’, user : ‘root’, password : ”, database : ‘cleverdb’ … Continued

MS SQL – Database & Login creation

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Follow these easy steps after opening your SQL Management Studio application to create a login user mapped to a spesific database, and create this database as well: Login Creation: Step 1: Under Security -> Logins, right click and click on … Continued

Foreign key for whom?!?

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We recently had to redesign a database we have been using for quite some time. During the redesign process we noticed that the tables who were supposed to have relations in the form of foreign keys didn’t. Turns out that they were never setup. This … Continued