Foreign key for whom?!?

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We recently had to redesign a database we have been using for quite some time. During the redesign process we noticed that the tables who were supposed to have relations in the form of foreign keys didn’t. Turns out that they were never setup. This … Continued

API Design Steps

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RESTful Web APIs by Leonard Richardson and Mike Amundsen with a Foreword by Sam Ruby List all the pieces of information a client might want to get out of your API or put into your API. These will become your … Continued


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The following fall into the “required reading” category. Roy Fielding’s dissertation – Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures. Roy Fielding’s “REST APIs must be hypertext-driven” blog post. Leonard Richardson & Sam Ruby’s RESTful Web Services. Mike Amundsen’s Building Hypermedia APIs … Continued

What we know about SOA and ESBs

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Our use of Symfony is motivated by code re-use and a “Service Oriented Architecture” (SOA) vision. Symfony plays the role of a “Web Services Framework”  because it offers the infrastructure to : handle HTTP request and response flow configurable routing to jobs, … Continued

“Domain Driven Design” or DDD Analysis and Architecture Implementation

Lets start with implementation and work back to analysis: An article describing the reasoning is here: Domain-Driven-Design-part-3 and another here: MSDN. A User Group . Some Design Principles. The official DDD site. Earlier article on the topic: This kind of architecture implementation is not … Continued

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