Docker error first run [team]

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After installing Docker I ran the “Docker Quickstart Terminal” and got the following error trying to run hello-world bash-3.2$ docker run hello-world Unable to find image ‘hello-world:latest’ locally Pulling repository Error: image library/hello-world:latest not found $ docker-machine restart default … Continued

How to Do a Clean Install of OS X Yosemite

posted in: Linux | 0 // TODO – add some more steps for a reformat and clean install   After 3 days with OS X 10.10 I recommend to skip it. It has rendering conflicts with Chrome and Webstorm (in full screen mode) Its … Continued

My Favorite Proxy

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I was looking for a nice console based man in the middle proxy to replace the functionality provided by WebScarab or Charles for data flow analysis. I found mitmproxy ( which works perfectly for me. Hope this helps someone.  

Simple LAMP Stack using Docker

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I downloaded a docker image: docker pull ubuntu:14.04 Started the image running a bash console: docker run -i -t ubuntu:14.04 /bin/bash This dropped me into a bash shell where I installed my LAMP stack: apt-get update apt-get install fish apt-get … Continued

Killing TCP Connections

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Some users have been abusing our internet connection. Sniffed them out and used tcpkill -i ethx host to try and sort out the issue.    

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