JavaScript Application Architecture [architect]

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Composition, functional boundaries, modularity, immutable data structures, CSP channels and a few other related topics. JavaScript Application Architecture On The Road To 2015  

Hangouts enrich apps everywhere with video meetings

posted in: uncategorized | 0 Today, technology allows us to work across devices, at all hours, around the world. But, sometimes working face-to-face is most effective. That’s why we recently launched a Hangout start button that can be embedded in any app or website. Whether you’re a sales rep … Continued

Data Science @ Johns Hopkins University

posted in: uncategorized | 0 We work with data for a living – why not take your knowledge to a whole new level?

Javascript with no “;”

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function power(base, exponent) { var result = 1 for (var count = 0; count < exponent; count++) { result *= base } return result } console.log(power(2, 10)) Note: In this example I’m using semi-colon less style. Semi-colons in JavaScript are absolutely … Continued

The ITE platform

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First, the installation: From the get go, I’m thinking that this installation process and anything that flows from it must be as cross platform as possible. Instructions should be identical for both Windows, Linux & MacOS and the end result … Continued