Docker error first run [team]

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After installing Docker I ran the “Docker Quickstart Terminal” and got the following error trying to run hello-world bash-3.2$ docker run hello-world Unable to find image ‘hello-world:latest’ locally Pulling repository Error: image library/hello-world:latest not found $ docker-machine restart default … Continued

Recommended Themes [team]

I recently bought these 2 themes: INSPINIA HOMER WebAppLayers The reason I think they are awesome are the platform versions and starter projects they include AngularJs, ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, Meteor

Rapid Prototying with AllcountJS [team]

posted in: Design, JavaScript | 0 Your code:{ appName: “Hello Hermanus”, onlyAuthenticated: true, appIcon: “phone”, menuItems: [ { name: “FooBar”, entityTypeId: “FooBar”, } ], entities: function(Fields) { return { FooBar: { fields: { foo: Fields.text(“Foo”), bar:“Bar”) } } } } });   … Continued

What MS is learning from NodeJS [team]

posted in: NodeJS, Platform | 0 Libuv is a high performance evented I/O library which offers the same API on Windows and Unix, used by NodeJS is currently the I/O foundation for the next IIS…

JavaScript Application Architecture [architect]

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Composition, functional boundaries, modularity, immutable data structures, CSP channels and a few other related topics. JavaScript Application Architecture On The Road To 2015  

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