Thank you MIT [personal]

posted in: Design | 0 These twenty video lectures by Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman are a complete presentation of the course, given in July 1986 for Hewlett-Packard employees, and professionally produced by Hewlett-Packard Television.

What’s new in Bootstrap 4 [team]

posted in: Standards | 0 So what’s new in Bootstrap 4? Let’s find out! The docs aren’t 100% complete yet, but we can still learn what’s new from looking into the source.

How Domain-Driven Design Aids in the Planning of Microservices Architecture [architect]

posted in: Architecture | 0 In application development, DDD defines problems as domains and subdomains. Independent steps and problem areas are then defined as bounded contexts. A common language is encouraged with definitions for entities, value objects and aggregate route rules. Sokhan says it … Continued

NodeJS 4.0 Stable [architect]

posted in: NodeJS | 0 The collaborators of the Node.js project and the members of the Node.js Foundation are proud to offer v4.0.0 for general release. This release represents countless hours of hard work encapsulated in both the Node.js project and the io.js project … Continued

Building a GraphQL Server with Node.js and SQL [team]

posted in: JavaScript | 0

Its early days, but, here is a clearer picture on the GraphQL concept. GraphQL is a new technology from Facebook. It aims to replace REST as a go-to API standard for developing rich applications. In this article we’ll build … Continued

Property based testing [team]

posted in: JavaScript, Testing | 0 JSVerify is a property-based testing library, highly inspired by QuickCheck. It is testing framework agnostic, you could use JSVerify with Mocha, nodeunit, Jasmine or any other framework. Property based testing Write properties about your function that should hold true … Continued

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